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The world's first cruelty-free, AI-accurate, species-specific

animal deterrent system. 

Perfect for Marine, 


Residential and Commerical 


Proven to detect over 47 Different Species  

Hyper-targeted capabilities ensures no mistakes

Mobile Surveillance Coming Soon

How It Works 

Patented technology combines computer vision with artificial intelligence for unmatched accuracy AND humanity. 

Current Deterrents Simply Don't Work 

Passive Deterrents Are Outsmarted

Spikes, strips, balloons, decoys, scarecrows, mirrors and more lose efficacy over time as species adapt. 

Illegal Deterrents Are Dangerous and Inhumane 

Shooting, poisoning, trapping, and other medieval methods are cruel. Our fellow animal friends deserve more dignity and respect. 

Active Deterrents 
Are Innacurate 

Motion-sensor based deterrents can be accidentally activated by non-targets like wind, rain, humans, and other triggers. 

Cost of Manual Labor is Steep  

Scraping the boat. Scrubbing the dock. Re-planting the garden. Shooing the birds. Protecting pets. This endless, exhausting cycle must stop. 

ADS Defends: 

Customers Say: 

"I used to spend hours scrubbing my boat every night, only to return the next morning to have to scrub it all over again. Sometimes the stains took days to get off.. ADS has changed my life by saving me hours of sweat and improving my everyday experience at work." 

Christian Sekas 

Owner, Sekas Sportfishing 

Dana Point, CA

“If we're being honest, nothing had really worked when it came to seals and sea lions on my docks. They're territorial, large, mean as hell and they destroy everything in their path. ADS is the only solution that I've found which finally kept them away for good. It's been a game-changer.”

Scott Masters

Head Dockmaster,

Shanondoah Yacht Club

“ADS is simple, humane, and an excellent way to deal with animals that are just in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing.  We see tremendous opportunities in residential, commercial and industrial applications for pests that are annoying, destructive and even possibly dangerous.”
Bruce B.png

Bruce A. Benteman

Partner and Co-Founder, AgSensor Solutions, LLC

ADS deters over 47 species including:

Our Clients

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  • Will it solve my [Enter Animal Here] problem?
    Probably - We've tackled 27 difference species and we add more constantly.
  • How do I purchase this??
    Add your name to the waitlist! We are experiencing high demand and we are just getting started. As units become available we will contact you and get you set up to solve your animal problem.
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