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About Us 

It was a sh*tty day in Newport Beach, CA.


My wife and I had planned  to enjoy a nice, relaxing day on our boat but instead, we found ourselves scrubbing furiously at endless amounts of hardened bird feces completely covering the decks. 

We've all been there. The hotel pool is plagued with pigeons. The swim platform is commandeered by a menacing manatee. Crops are decimated by aggressive attackers. Predators lurk around our beloved pets. Intruders destroy our meticulous landscaping. And it goes on and on- ENDLESSLY. 

I'm an animal lover from Alabama living in California. Yes, I believe we must respect all living things. AND- I also come from a place where if something's not working for you, you shouldn't be afraid to step up and fix it. So I did. 

Three years of programming, field testing, research, and a deep desire to solve my own problem (my wife hates getting her white pants dirty - and guess who has to hear about it?!) resulted in a cocktail of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and edge computing coming together to not only keep marine pests off my boats, but it got the whole harbor talking. 

And ADS was born. 



swim step.png

Our Mission

We believe animals and humans can co-exist in shared spaces peacefully. 

ADS is a targeted, humane solution to invasive animal altercations. 

Core Values


In a world of self-driving vehicles, robots, VR, and more- we now possess the capabilities to target with unmatched precision. 


We believe in honoring our fellow animals, and encourage them to respect our boundaries in return. 


We believe in accelerating the freedom to draw boundaries, defend assets, and protect what is precious. 

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